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Uses of coconuts, what can you make from a coconut


1.  Palm Juice/Wine

The coconut palm juice or wine comes from the injured trunk of the palm/coconut tree. It tastes sweet to the young and is highly addictive once drunk. This drink is not good for young people since this can easily intoxicate young people with just 2-3 8 oz. glass. The juice is acidic and can be further processed or fermented into palm vinegar. High quantities of this wine can be found within the tropical regions of the world, where people live sustainably along with coconut trees. 


2. Palm Vinegar

Palm vinegar is derived from the coconut wine, which is harvested from a coconut tree by slicing the surface of the tree, deep enough for it to bleed its sap. The sap will be harvested in gallons per tree per day. The fermentation of the wine is what gives the palm vinegar or as the coconut vinegar its sour taste. The vinegar is not poisonous, and is used in cooking and as a condiment for the common household of the tropics.

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Coconut folklore history


There are actually a lot of histories about the coconut, mostly; the history is about his stories about the coconut. The coconut has been a staple source of food shelter and water for the people within the tropics, shores, and islands. There are great stories about the coconut but there is one story of the coconut that roots all those stories. The root comes from the origin of the coconut. Here will be the different kinds of stories about the coconut: Continue reading →